Prostaid (Local Prostate Cancer Charity)

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Robert Banner
17 Torrington Close
Wigston Magna
LE18 2RY
0116 2888188
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We are a voluntary team of prostate cancer patients, their families and friends, and members of UHL Hospitals Urology dept and Northampton hospitals. We provide comfort, support and counselling for patients and their families as well as helping to raise awareness improve education and fund newer less invasive treatments. We receive no government funding and all our funds are raised locally from local people and local companies. We run an informal monthly support group every third wednesday at the Cradock Arms pub in Knighton Leicester. We fund three prostate cancer specialist nurses in the NHS in Leicester - One in Urology, one in Oncology, and one in Northampton. We hold various local fundraising events through the year, some with other local charities. We also run a prostate cancer awareness bus that visits every town in Leicestershire & Rutland during August/September, as well as awareness visits to companies throughout the year. We run a helpline and provide information and support. Fund new equipment for prostate cancer treatments in our local hospitals

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