New Dawn New Day (NDND)

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Sara Swire
3 Museum Square
03333 444304
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New Dawn New Day works with women inspiring them to reach their potential and to overcome disadvantage and inequality in their lives and communities. We achieve our mission by: Providing women who present with complex needs with the right support to enable them to make positive changes in their lives; Providing specialist therapeutic services for women who have been affected by trauma and abuse; Providing low cost counselling services to women on low incomes; All of our services are designed to be gender-responsive and trauma-informed. Support includes: Counselling and psychotherapy (including specialist counselling services for women affected by trauma); One-to-one outreach and support; Therapeutic group interventions; Practical Life Skills Training; Information, advice and guidance; Peer Support; Education and training; Specialist wraparound support for in the criminal justice involved women and those at risk of offending. New Dawn New Day runs "Leicester Women's Counselling Centre" which offers affordable and accessible counselling to women and girls from the age of 13.

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