Co-Counselling International (CCI)

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Richard Shooter
20B Strathern Road
0116 236 2499
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CCI is an international peer network of co-counsellors and groups of co-counsellors that exists to support co-counsellors and further co-counselling. Co-counselling is reciprocal peer counselling: Reciprocal: co-counsellors take it in equal turns to be client and counsellor. Peer: everyone is equal, there are no "experts" trying to "sort out" other people. Counselling: it is a bit like other forms of counselling in that one person listens while the other talks (or "works" in other ways), but there the similarity ends. It is the person being client who is in charge of the session and the person being counsellor mainly just gives very good attention. Co-counsellors make their own arrangements to meet up, usually in pairs, for co-counselling sessions. Co-counselling sessions are free. Access to co-counselling involves completing one of the 40 hour training courses that are provided. Once anyone is a co-counsellor there is a wide range of optional opportunities to meet up with other co-counsellors for a variety of activities.

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