Brolay Care Farm

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Tina Maclean
Littlebrook Meadow
Beeby Road
0116 243 2692
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Brolay Care farm are registered members of Care Farming UK and a rare breeds farm, registered with the rare breeds survival trust. We are a not-for-profit care farm. We employ highly experienced health and social care staff. We offer an alternative to the traditional day services, by giving people meaningful, purposeful farming and horticultural activities to help improve their over all wellbeing. We are open to any Co-Farmer who may benefit from attending. This includes those with mental health problems, learning difficulties, physical health issues. We are also open to other community groups e.g. schools, playgroup, youth groups, older people groups, church groups etc. We provide health, social and educational care services to vulnerable groups of people. Brolay Care Farm provides an environment for vulnerable people to spend time, gain confidence, new skills and experience how farming works. We can help you reconnect with the land and animals, offering practical support. Help you participate in therapeutic farming and horticultural activities. Provide supervised structured programme of farming and horticultural related activities. Help achieve your personal goals by giving you meaningful, fulfilling activities. Help develop and maintain your independence and personal well being. Give you greater community involvement by producing, growing and sell product to the local community and farmers markets. Help you to develop and manage financial skills. Give you an opportunity to prepare and show rare breed animals at local shows. Be involved in wildlife conservation and the management of land and waterways.

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